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Who do I still need to reply to?
From whom am I still waiting for a reply?
Who are all the people I lost contact with?
Who are the people I met in the last three months?
Who are the people that hardly ever reply?

Find out the answer to all of these and much, much more ....

For each person, with whom you've ever exchanged an email, it computes simple statistics such as the date of the first message received from this person, the number of messages sent to the person, whether the person has the same email domain as you and much more.

It then allows you to filter out people with certain characteristics for these fields, such as a minimum number of message exchanges, private email addresses (gmail, yahoo, hotmail, ...), last message received older than 1 months etc. It even has a name dictionary and tries to classify each person according to her or his gender.

For the most frequent tasks ("show me people with a professional email address, with whom I've had at least 2 message exchanges, where the last email was sent by the other person during the last week" = your TODO list) there are ready-made, 1-click filters.

But if you don't like our choice, or if you need some other combination of filtering rules, well, just build your own filter! And, hey, if you really like this filter, just send it to us, so we can either integrate it as a default 1-click filter or we can at least put in on the website to tell others to use it.

Download and try yourself! It is completely free and open source.

Want to learn more? Need help installing? Go to our wiki!

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